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Circle of Courage

Describes what every persons  ordinary needs are. There's nothing special about the need to belong, to be independent, to show off what you are good at and to contribute.

Book a Circles Workshop 

Contact us to book a workshop to discover how you can set up a Circle of Friends. Learn about what a circle is, how to start a circle, who works best in a circle, how it operates, what a facilitator does, and what it looks like when it works well.

Describing a Circle 

Describes some ways of describing what a circle is and how it works - regular, intentional, fun, promoting a persons will and preference, staring from where you are at, recognizing and building on strengths.

Asking and Offering

A practical article from Clan Beo that records typical questions and answers about starting up a circle. This came from an action tutorial Janet Klees delivered as part of a Clan Beo foundation training program for circle facilitators

Circles Workshop Q&A

The typical questions that you have asked about a Circle of Friends - what if a person has no support network to start with?, what if a person doesn't want to join?, who is part of a circle? what about professional people? - These questions and more.

Circle Charter

A simple and practical 7 point check format to help a circle facilitator when setting up any kind of intentional practical support network. 

Where to look for more information .......

There are lots of places where we can recommend you look for more information. 

Here are some we found useful. Just click on the name and it will take you directly to their website:-

LEAP Ireland

Neighbours International

Inclusive Solutions

Open Futures Learning

Community Resource Unit

In Control Scotland

Possibilities Plus

The Circles Initiative

Resourcing Inclusive Communities 

Homes West - Choreographing Life

Who is in a circle of friends?

Other than yourself, what type of person would you like to have in your family members life to;

  • stand by them

  • look out for them

  • offer friendly words of advice

  • celebrate the good times together

There are  lots more  resources we would love to share with you 

We have many more resources for families, facilitators and service  allies. Why not connect up with  us?

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Clan - Bigger than family, smaller than community, a tight bunch of people; strong, mutual  human connection

Beo – An Irish word that means alive or vibrant; a feeling of vitality in this present moment

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