Authority, Direction, Oversight

Our Board: The Clan Beo board is made up of people who have experience in their family of the impact of disability and their allies in the community and working in human services.

Directors share a commitment to the Vision and Mission and meet regularly to mandate and guide the work of the program manager and staff. Directors review how the work is going and decide on priorities for what is done in under the Clan Beo banner.

The board is accountable for how money entrusted to Clan Beo is raised and spent. 

What is ours to do ......  

Clan Beo is a collaborative of leaders in the ‘Individualized Life’ business in the West of Ireland and are an inspiration to family lead initiatives throughout the country.

MISSION – What our job is

Our job is to bend over backwards to promote progressive , respectful social integration for citizens who live with the experience

VISION – Where we want our organisation to be

The vision of Clan Beo is to inspire the development of 6,000 ‘Practical Personal Networks’ in Ireland by 2033

THE PEOPLE - Who we work with

The people we work with live with the experience of disability alongside their family and their close personal allies

Our Accounts

How we are funded: Clan Beo is funded by contributions of members and friends,  project awards, event sponsorship, training and consultancy fees and some support from the HSE.

In line with good governance practice for community interest organisations who depend on the generosity of friends and sponsors we are making  our accounts available on request for the last three years  

Ours to do ... 

What is our job to do: The Clan Beo board is guided in the work it oversees by a Vision and Mission Statement. This statement marks out how Clan Beo differs from human services providers.


Who the members are:  Clan Beo members are people who have a personal or family experience of disability. 

They have supported Clan Beo by paying a membership fee or contributing to the work of the the organisation. Members have a say in who sits on the board of directors. Members inspire the board and program manager to keep working to assist people to live in their own home, contribute to their communities and have the opportunities to enjoy the good things in life.

Governance Code

We comply with the Governance Code for community, voluntary and charitable organisations in Ireland.

The Governance Code Self-Assessment Checklist have been reviewed by the board of Clan Beo and prioritised for action.

For the purposes of compliance with the Governance Code Clan Beo is considered a ‘Type B’ organisation.

We confirm that a review of our organisation’s compliance with the  principles in the Code was conducted in July 2016.  The review sets out actions and completion dates for any issues that the assessment identifies need to be addressed.

Clan - Bigger than family, smaller than community, a tight bunch of people; strong, mutual  human connection

Beo – An Irish word that means alive or vibrant; a feeling of vitality in this present moment

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