Our Work

Clan Beo works with one person at a time, one family at a time, one step at a time. We offer direct personal assistance, opportunities to learn and productive collaboration with people who live with the experience of disability and their chosen friends and family.

  • THE QUIET VOICE  - We listen to the quiet and reluctant voice of the person.

  • GOOD THINGS IN LIFE - We believe each person should have the chance  to experience what we all recognise as the good things in life.

  • WHAT WORKS - We use whatever idea or approach that works best for each person, chosen friends and family.

  • VALUED ROLES - We find the ideas of  'Social Role Valorisation' to be powerful in working out what a person can do next to build a rich personal identity.

  • ALLIES - We will work with anyone who shows a capacity to demonstrate 'affirmative personal engagement' and 'followership' alongside the person 

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Just because what you see here is not what you have in mind doesn't mean we can't work together.

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