My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together                 Desmond Tutu

Voice Support
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  • Convening a practical circle of friends

  • Effective planning with families

  • Exploring good life options in  communities

  • Recruiting a citizen advocate

Our Work

Clan Beo works with one person at a time, one family at a time, one step at a time. We offer direct personal assistance, opportunities to learn and productive collaboration with people who live with the experience of disability and their chosen friends and family.

  • THE QUIET VOICE  - We listen to the quiet and reluctant voice of the person.

  • GOOD THINGS IN LIFE - We believe each person should have the chance  to experience what we all recognise as the good things in life.

  • WHAT WORKS - We use whatever idea or approach that works best for each person, chosen friends and family.

  • VALUED ROLES - We find the ideas of  'Social Role Valorisation' to be powerful in working out what a person can do next to build a rich personal identity.

  • ALLIES - We will work with anyone who shows a capacity to demonstrate 'affirmative personal engagement' and 'followership' alongside the person 

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More Power to You
  • We have delivered 20 years of powerful training experiences
  • Our training starts with the experience of the person and their close personal connections
  • We have run memorable training everywhere - at kitchen tables, community spaces, in organisations and in board rooms
  • Our training thrives on variety - engaging exercises, borrowed experience, lively exchange, facilitated listening - to make the time practical and change focused   
  • We tailor everything we deliver to the needs of the people in front of us and the organisation we work with      


  • Circle of friends

  • Working well with families

  • Getting ready for a personal budget

  • Effective individual arrangements

  • Classroom DNA - Inclusion in schools

  • Working for diversity

  • Building community connections  

  • Reluctant Engagement Workshop

  • Facilitator training

  • Kitchen Table Sessions

  • Affirmative Family Engagement

  • People leading,family following

Capacity building
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  • Work on personalised budgets

  • Individualised service arrangements review

  • Effective planning with families

  • Training for powerful working relationships

  • Person / family focused consultancy and advice

There are  lots of other ways we can work with you

Just because what you see here is not what you have in mind doesn't mean we can't work together.

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Clan - Bigger than family, smaller than community, a tight bunch of people; strong, mutual  human connection

Beo – An Irish word that means alive or vibrant; a feeling of vitality in this present moment

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