Kitchen Table Sessions

Starting February 2017 

For the next three months we would like to go on the road to offer ‘Kitchen Table Sessions’ about some of the things we are learning about ‘Families Supporting Family’. This will involve sitting down in a community with a maximum of 6 different families and a minimum of 2 in a place of their choosing (e.g. home, community space, etc.) for about an hour and a half generally in the evening time. If you are part of or know of small family networks (formal or informal) who might be interested in hosting a ‘Kitchen Table Sessions’ introduce yourself, we would love to meet  you.

Glad to be part of the LEAP Good Lives Training program for families. It  continues around the country over the next three months. Check out their website for more details on where and when they are to take place.

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Clan - Bigger than family, smaller than community, a tight bunch of people; strong, mutual  human connection

Beo – An Irish word that means alive or vibrant; a feeling of vitality in this present moment

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