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One Breath Pack - including explanatory pamphlet, 23 Haiku from Roberta Beary, Kona from Maitiu Quinn, 24 seperate cards and narratives by Willie Walsh with art work from Clan Beo, all beautifully presented in a bespoke designed box from Frank O'Reilly. 

One Breath Pack

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  • Hi

    Thanks for your interest in 'One Breath'.

    There are less than 5 copies left from the third imprint.

    If you want to see the product please go to the digital preview section and download a pdf - you are welcome to see and read it.

    In order to continue to make this available and to make for a fourth imprint, we need E1500.  You are welcome also to contribute to making this happen.

    Otherwise please forward your name and address to I am contacting people who have a copy already to pass theirs on to you.

    Thank you.

    Willie W

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