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Open for Business - Access and Inclusion Review 

Consultancy support to widen the spectrum of access for people to operations and  facilities. Ensure more people have the opportunity to experience and make greater contributions to the ordinary business of the organisation 

Develop a Diversity Strategy

Consultancy support working alongside team members to create a practical diversity strategy that values the potential contribution of any person associated with the business. Using 'Discovery Process' principles to create the best conditions for valued social integration and capture the unique contribution any person can bring to the business

Training - Diversity Awareness Pointer 

A practical workshop for people in any business getting to know more about disability, assess and valued social integration. How to overcome adversity and embrace difference at work. Focus on what each person has going for them and a shared understanding of ordinary needs. 

Working with community and business 
  • Inspire an appreciation of the contribution that each person brings to the place where they live and work.

  • With schools, business, community organisations, church to make room for valued roles for each citizen

  • Alongside community initiatives, training and experiences built on strengths based approaches

  • With ordinary people doing ordinary things in ordinary places to live a good life
Access in Ordinary Places 
Accessibility is complex when looking at any operation or facility. For any person their access needs are as unique and individual as the clothes they wear or the music they like. Clan Beo does not confer any mark of ‘accessibility’. We do work with your team to broaden the spectrum of access so that any person who ordinarily is present can make a valued contribution
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