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InConversation Series
Athlone Gathering Nov. 2022

A nourishing day with families,

for families, by families

Go to the link to see some of the highlights 

One Breath

Stories that tell of truly empowering relationships 

  • View the book, haiku, images, narratives, koan 

  • Register to receive a free 'paid forward' pack.

  • See how to use the materials to empower relationship  

  • Learn about the 'Reluctant Engagement' project

Picture of a young persons feet standing on a narrow concrete ledge  wearing stylish red sneakers

Here's where to start

Different starting points for different people. More choice makes for a better chance of success. Success is about how we meet fundamental needs, just now.


Resources that can help 

Access to practical resources and disability supports we found helpful at different stages in the journey. 

Image of a sculpture created by an artist from the K Cat Arts collective in Kilkenny

Where we find inspiration

The hard work you do needs moments of joy and inspiration. Here are some of the people and places we have been inspired by.

Young man with a disability, smartly dressed, sitting at a desk, working intently on a laptop.

How we work together

Practical things we do as people, in families, in businesses and in community. We can help you build better lives in the community. Here's how.

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