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Connections and Friendship

Valued Interpersonal Connections  

There are at least 6 bridges or strategies to build connection in the community

  • Occupation - where we work is where many of us make lasting friendships

  • Special Interests - An easy place to start any conversation is where there is a common interest

  • Presence - Always being in the same ordinary valued place in community signals you are open to connection

  • Activism - Shared passionate common purpose invites connection around somthing of deep concern

  • Natural Networks - Valued introductions through a  natural network of connected family and freinds are a rich resource for connection 

  • Circle of Friends - A personal network meeting freely as a practical intentional network works for some people  

  • Community Connector - Someone whose specific job it is to model or make valued introdcutions can help ...... oooops thats bridge number 7

Who is in your circle of friends?

The type of person would you like to have in your life to;

  • stand by you

  • look out for you

  • offer friendly words of advice

  • celebrate the good times together

Multi-ethnic Group of Friends

Circle of Friends - What is it?

Some common features;

  • it includes friends, not paid supporters  

  • it is intentionally focused on a vision for one person

  • it meets on a regular interval, over the long term

  • it takes place at home, in ordinary places at a time that works for the person 

Some resources we have found useful to figure out what a useful circle might look like:-

Different ways to describe a circle - HERE

Really important things to take account of - HERE

How a circle facilitator can help - HERE 

How to go about the hard work of 'Asking & Offering' - HERE

Here's a simple example of a Circle Charter - HERE 


More places to look for information about better connections with people - just click on the name

There are lots of people and places where we can recommend you look for more information. Here are some we found useful. Just click on the name and it will take you directly to their website.

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