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One Breath


Death making goes hand in hand with the devaluation of persons living with disability

7 People, 92 Cuts, 644 wounds          For all those who cannot recall empowerment in their reluctant engagements this wounding continues. It is part of our history here in Ireland, across Europe and around the world


'One Breath' & History


PEOPLE LIVING WITH THE EXPERIENCE OF DISABILITY HAVE BEEN ABUSED IN RELUCTANT ENGAGEMENTS in institutions, in their personal relationships, as a result of government policies and by the blindness of fellow citizens

BAD THINGS ARE MORE LIKELY TO HAPPEN to people who are hidden away and not valued

ORDINARY PEOPLE can do things they regret when working under the influence of an institution

People with disabilites suffer injustice and inequality UNDER THE NOSES OF DECENT PEOPLE

It has happened IN OUR OWN COMMMUNITY, in other countries recently and in our near past

A STRONG VOICE IS THE FIRST PROTECTION for a person living with a disability


It is THE JOB OF DECENT PEOPLE to be on guard for all citizens who have small or lost voices   

One Breath


There are many people who have been part of this project

Jonathan Angus, Grainne Armstrong,  Mark Blake Knox, Brendan Broderick, Keara Campbell, Rachel Cassen, Paddy Connolly, Eamonn Connor, Mick Corbett, Frances Coughlan, Fionn Crombie Angus, Claire Finnegan, Pat Downes, John Doyle, Meleesa Egan, Catherine Finneran, Stephen,Pauline & John Gallagher, JoJo Gannon, Sean & Caroline Gordon, Amanda Gray, Seamus Greene, John Hannigan, Mary Joe & Tom Healy, Elsie Higgins, Bernie Hoban, Mary Kealy, Michael Kendrick, Michael Kneafsey, Aine Maguire, Angela Locke Reilly, Kathleen Malone, Gillian Marsh, Joe Mason, Bob McCormack, Mick & Marcia McDonagh, John McHugh, Bronach McNamara, Roisin Nì Mhòrain, Anne Motherway, Frances Murphy, Martin Naughton , Mary O’Donovan, Clair O’Neill, Brendan O’Regan, Molly O’Keefe, Nuala O’Keefe, Aoife O’Toole, Chris and Xanthe Pratt, Vincent Prendergast, Mick & Maitiu Quinn, Ashling & John Ryan, Marine Ryan, Lorna Roberts, Declan Sweeney, Tom Tierney, Anna Wall, Maria Walls, Amber Walsh, Kay and Jenny Walsh, Imelda Watson, Avril Webster

John Walsh of Doire Press

Derek O'Flaherty

Frank Stella


30 families telling their story 2760 times

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