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Artists, Activists, Entrepeneurs

Feeding our resilience


Textile Artist Judith Scott

Prodigious creativity, groundbreaking textile artwork

The work of Judith Scott involves the careful and obsessive wrapping of various and often unidentifiable objects in yarn, twine, cord, and fabric. Through her sculpture, she gives a rich and evocative access to her otherwise inaccessible inner life. She started working as an artist at the age of 47. Her work now sits in national collections around the world  


Entrepreneur Maitiu Quinn

Creativity, enterprise, philosophy, engagement  

Maitiú Quinn is an artist living outside Westport. He launched his 3rd collection of cards in 2020: The Lockdown Collection 2020. Maitiú looks at the world in a unique and deeply felt way. He connects with people and with the world around him through this lens. He constantly seeks to learn and try new things. His drive to be himself and to re-create himself in the world is immense. The words he uses to illustrate his work invite us all to look at the world with a different tilt of the head. 

Just Charlie.JPG

Abstract Artist Charlie French

Artist, collaborator, studio owner

Charlie French has exhibited in his home town of Dallas Texas and in New York.  He is an intuitive artist who embraces a blank canvas with a sense of wonder and adventure. He works hard and keeps learning but mostly he lets go, is FREE and has FUN. He is especially interested 

in collaboration with other professional artists. He has a unique open studio policy for painters who wish to work alongside him.

Other resilience feeding enterprise 


Creatives, entrepreneurs, activists, leaders, community builders, projects, extraordinary people living ordinary lives  

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