Working with people and their families 
  • Clan Beo works with one person at a time alongside  their chosen family and friends.

  • We do this across kitchen tables and in ordinary places in the community.

  • Some of the ways we work with people and their families are described below.

There are  lots of other ways we can work with you

Just because what you see here is not what you and your family need doesn't mean we can't work together.

Take the first step and connect up with us 

Working with you alongside services  

Making a sometimes 'reluctant engagement' more powerful 

Individualised Service  Arrangement Review

Sometimes there needs to be an independent view

  • Unique people use unique supports that sometimes need to be looked at independently

  • Peoples needs change, the capacity of the people around them changes or the approach of a service built around them changes 

  • Clan Beo will work with you and the people around you to see if the unique arrangement serving you is working best for you at the moment

The Reluctant Engagement Program

How can a person alongside chosen family and friends,  and others work more powerfully together so they can experience the ‘Good Things in Life’?   

  • A unique workshop led by family experiences of 'right relationships' that changes how people providing services see their potential to do better  

Personal Budget Arrangement Preview

Ready, willing and able for a personal budget?   

  • Taking on the responsibility for managing your own affairs is a big step

  • Explore what options are available to you and what each one involves

  • Clan Beo work with you to figure out what's right for you, whether this is the right time, and how ready you are

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