One person at a time, in ordinary places, alongside families, business, community

With People and Families

Clan Beo is a colllaborative of families and people living with the experience of disability - we help each other. For example;

  • Exploring strategies for making connections in community

  • Starting a circle of friends

  • Helping with planning

  • Sharing connections to what we have seen working well

  • Learning together, living our life, making mistakes


With people using servcies

People use a personal service to help with their version of a good life. What's important for a person just now can change. The way they use a service to help them live their life may also need to change. We can help;

  • Idividualised service arrangement review - Starts with the person, their vision for a good life, valued social roles they hold and how the supports they use help them

  • Personalised Funding Preview - Where a person is thinking about changing how they use a service you can check how well prepared you are for a proposed change in the type of engagement you are involved in

With business and community

Business and community organisations see the value of making space for the contribution each person can make. Everyone wins when the potential that diversity brings has a presence in the enterprise. Each place is at a different stage of readiness for what equality and diversity can bring. Lived experience and making room for the 'quiet voice' guides what we do.We world love to help you;

  • Build awareness - For where you are at and what is possitive and possible 

  • Cocreate strategy - For where you want to take the business how to make pratcial steps